About the partnership

Every day, 15,000 children under the age of five die – most from preventable causes.

And that’s why Save the Children and GSK joined forces in 2013, combining their global expertise, skills, resources and energy with the ambition of helping to save one million children’s lives.

Together they have strengthened health systems, responded to emergencies, prepared children for disasters, developed new child-friendly medicines and supported immunisation programmes. Since the partnership began, together GSK and Save the Children have reached almost 3 million children under-five in 46 countries.

By tackling some of the leading causes of preventable child deaths, including treating over 282,921 children for malaria, pneumonia or diarrhoea, running long-term health programmes, strengthening countries’ healthcare systems, finding new treatments and advocating for global change, this partnership aims to help build a world where no child under the age of five dies from preventable causes. 

Since the partnership began, GSK employees have been an integral part of supporting Save the Children and have now raised over £4m for children through their fundraising activity!

From bake sales to marathons, from sponsored Rubik’s cube competitions to mountain trekking in Ethiopia and Kenya and mountain biking across Canada, GSK employees from across the globe have carried out a variety of activities to help reach this milestone fundraising total.

GSK match the income raised by their employees, helping their efforts have an even greater impact for children and their families.

To date, the partnership has directly reached a total of 3,078,323 children under the age of 5 including:

- Treating 374,911 cases of malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea or acute respiratory infection

- 118,057 children have been fully immunised

- In Kenya, the partnership has treated over 30,501 newborns with reformulated chlorhexidine gel, to help prevent potentially life-threatening umbilical infections  

- Supporting children in emergencies: 300,755 children have been reached through emergency responses such as the Cyclone Idai and Kenneth appeal

- The partnership has provided training for 30,515 Health Workers (professional or community) to be able to provide quality care

We are combining our scientific expertise with Save the Children’s on-the-ground knowledge to find new ways to help save the lives of children at risk from infectious diseases.